Solar Control Glass

What is solar control glass?

Too much heat and glare caused by the sun can be a large problem and cause discomfort in many indoor buildings, especially those with glass roofs, conservatories or with large glazed areas.

The latest double glazing window solutions for solar control reflect and filter the sun’s rays, allowing natural daylight into the room, but without uncomfortable visual glare. Rooms can be kept cooler during sunny periods, reducing the need for air-conditioning. A variety of solar control glass solutions are available, depending on the level of solar control needed.

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Polycarbonate Solar Control

Conservatory solar inserts have been designed to provide solar reflective and insulation solutions for customers who have polycarbonate roofs. The inserts have been developed so they can be slid into all polycarbonate structures. The insert is installed into each cell so that it will react and move with the polycarbonate sheet as it expands and contracts with the different temperature. Solar inserts tackles the consistent problem associated with controlling the temperature of your conservatory throughout the whole year.

A considerable amount of internal heat escapes during the winter, especially through the roof. As heating bills rise solar inserts provide effective insulation for your conservatory roof, by diverting the heat back into the conservatory, giving the room a more constant temperature. Solar inserts are the market leading way of controlling the temperature in your conservatory.

Summer time can be a major problem for some conservatories as cooling can be difficult. Solar inserts combat this problem by rejecting up to 85% of the sun’s solar energy and blocks out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, eliminating glare by 87%.

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